Wilks and IPF GL Points

These are intended to more fairly compare or rank powerlifting competition performances across lifters of different body weight, gender and competition type. Wilks scoring was introduced by Robert Wilks and has been used by many powerlifting federations throughout the world. A coefficent is calculated, based on the athlete's gender and body weight, and the lifter's competition total is then multiplied by the coefficient to give the Wilks points. Wilks Coefficient

In January 2019 the International Powerlifting Federation announced it would be replacing the Wilks system with one considered to be more consistent with more recent developments in powerlifting. Similar to Wilks, it uses different parameters for male and female lifters but, unlike Wilks, different parameters are also used for different types of competitions (e.g. classic or equipped, three-lift or bench-press only).

In the following year, not satisfied with the new formula, the IPF released another one using a different algorithm with the intention to update the parameters used in it every four years, to keep it better aligned with the performance of elite powerlifters over time. The calculator below is based on this new formula and is current for lifts performed in the period 2020 - 2023. Points are referred to as IPF GL to distinguish them from the IPF points of the 2019 formula. IPF GL points are normalised in an attempt to represent performance as a percentage of that of an elite lifter with the same body weight.

McCulloch Age Adjustment

Sometimes scores are further adjusted by multipling by a factor that takes the lifter's age into account. The McCulloch coefficients take into account the fact that younger athletes generally have not developed to their potential strength, while from about the age of 40 onwards strength starts to steadily diminish.

Use the calculator to find Wilks points, IPF points and (if you're between the ages of 14 and 23 or between 40 and 90) your McCulloch Age-adjusted scores. Use your age at this year's birthday.


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